Fun Christmas Crafts for Kiddos

One thing Chloe and I really enjoy is doing things with the boys that are fun and that allow us to compare year over year how they are growing and changing physically and artistically too! As I was putting ornaments on our Christmas tree and pulled out ornaments that we have made over the past […]

Lu’s First Chapter Book!

Lucian has always been very interested in books and reading. He has enough books to start his own little public library. He reads to himself in his room before he falls asleep at both nap and bedtime. We have been reading to him each night since he was born. A few months ago, he started […]

Disney Trip 2022

When we got pregnant with the boys, we said we would take them to Disney when they turned 3. Then all of a sudden, they turned three! So, we took the boys to Disney this year. When we started planning, we wanted to go in the Fall, after Brooks had turned 3. After doing some […]

Dashboard for Steering Wheel

This project was sparked by a customer interested in the wheel being attached to something so her little one could drive! I was excited to make this idea become a reality! The first couple of ideas didn’t workout! So Chloe and I along with our hubbies put our heads together and we came up with […]