Lu can swim! And why you should jump in too!

When we were trying to decide whether we wanted to put Lucian in preschool or keep him home, I read a blog ( a lot of blogs) that said, if you are going to keep your kid home for another year and not be bound by the school system or its schedule, exploit it. Make […]

Kid’s Craft Keychains

Personalized keychains are up on the blog. We came up with a way for your kiddos to make a super special gift for someone they love! These keychains are customizable on both sides and most have a place for your kiddo to leave their fingerprint! Check out the listing here. And send us your ideas […]

Gearing up for Summer

We LOVE being outdoors and as it gets warmer and we head into summer I LOVE finding new fun things for outside! A few new things we have gotten already and we are loving are: Items we have used for multiple years now and are still getting lots of use out of them! I really […]

Comparison Trap

It is so easy as a mom/parent/caregiver to get caught in the comparison trap, comparing your child to other children or their siblings. Each child is unique and will do things on their own time! As hard as it is not to see another baby doing things that your baby isn’t or knowing that their […]