Happy Halloween

We have a blast dressing up for Halloween around here! Be sure to check out our past costumes: Last years costumes here! Two years ago here! This year favorite TV shows and movies definitely had a play in the kiddos choices, we had a Paw Patrol and Bluey Halloween! We got to spend the weekend […]

Brooks’ 4th Birthday: ROAR I am Four

We celebrated Brooks’ fourth birthday on Friday with friends and on Saturday the 7th we had his birthday party, dino themed FUN! Friday we started out his birthday with opening his presents from dad and mom! Then he went to school, Carson Creek Nature School, and celebrated with his friends and teachers there with some […]


We say this a lot around here, so if you have been here for a while, you already know we LOVE books! It is surprising to me that we are just now making bookmarks! BJ said I think it would be pretty neat if you did bookmarks, and I was like ummmm YES I love […]

Kid Friendly Finds that allow for Healthier Habits or Quality Time Together

Some recent finds we have made that allow us to spend quality time together doing things that matter! Some of the things we enjoy doing together are talking about our day, reading, cooking/baking, being active or exploring, and taking care of ourselves! Some things we have found that cater to this are: We LOVE that […]