Color/Shape Matcher

The shape and color matcher came about because I am working to be more intentional with Sawyer while Brooks is at school! This will allow us to begin working on colors and shapes together! It is also great for his motor skills because he works to put them back in their spots and on the […]

Tv for the Family

I grew up watching American Idol every week with my parents. I was, of course older than Lucian is, but I have fond memories of making sure I was home to watch with my mom and dad. Now, we have started watching shows with Lucian. It is also nice to have some shows that we […]

Back to School Board

This project came about because in a few weeks Brooks will be starting 3K and I wanted to be able to document this with the infamous first day of school picture! So I will ask Brooks’ these questions and take his picture with his back to school board! I am so excited with how this […]