10 Tips for Teething

“Watching teething babies is like watching over a thermonuclear reactor-it is best done in shifts, by well-rested people.”

-Anthony Doerr

1- Mesh Feeders with Frozen Fruit

The boys both loved to chomp on frozen fruit in the mesh feeders. The cold fruit is soothing and sometimes babies want to eat less while teething, so this will help fill that belly too!

2- Cold Teethers

We kept a little bowl in the fridge of teethers. These were our favorite.

3- Teething Toys

Here are our favorite teething toys:

4-Teething Crackers

These are a good snack while teething. This brand is our favorite!

5- Milksicles

You can also try freezing breastmilk or formula for baby to suck and bite at for comfort.

6- Baby toothbrush

Let your baby chew on that baby toothbrush. Lucian feels like an adult getting to hold his own toothbrush and the bristles feel nice on those gums. These are our favorite.

7- Try to keep baby as dry as possible to avoid drool rash.

8-Watch baby’s cues

Brooks always tugs at his ears and eats less. Lucian is just generally more fussy and bites mom!

9- Extra snuggles and patience

You and baby might both need extra snuggles during this time. You may want to bust out that wrap or carrier and do some baby wearing!


You might be losing sleep, so get some caffeine and try to remember this will not last forever, even though on day might feel like an eternity!! You’ve got this!

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