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We made it to 100 posts! WOW, what an exciting time! Chloe and I have posted 100 posts to the blog! We wanted to take today to celebrate this milestone! We are so proud of ourselves for sticking with it and proud of how far we have come since we started with our very first post on May 18th!

We hope you are enjoying the blog and our posts! We would LOVE to know what your favorite(s) have been! What has been your favorite blog post? What’s been your favorite project? Have you found a new favorite from our Friday Favorites? If so, what? Please share with us!

Taking a look back at what we have done and some of our favorites:

Jennie’s Favorites:

  • Favorite Blog Posts: Birth Story & Breastfeeding post
  • I also really LOVE when we have a guest post. I always learn something and find these very helpful! I also find it helps me know our mom friends even better!
  • I LOVE our monthly support groups! It is a time for me to be able to get quality time with other moms and to learn! We all come with different ideas and I learn something every single time!
  • My favorite projects I have done so far are the Name puzzles (because I LOVE being about to personalize these) and the toolbox!

Chloe’s Favorites:

  • Favorite Blog Posts: Our first one, because it means we started! We are still figuring a lot out, but we have learned and grown so much in just 100 posts. So, I am so glad we started!
  • Our monthly support groups have been perfect for talking to other moms, especially while staying home. I look forward to them each month.
  • I am also so proud of starting our Etsy store! We have some great customers!
  • And lastly, just getting to work with Jennie. We have seen each other more and had a great time. Jennie is a really great mom friend.

Your Favorites:

The five blog posts with most engagement were:

We want to say a big THANK YOU to each of you that takes time to visit our blog and read our posts! It means so much to us and we truly appreciate you and the time you spend on our blog! We hope you learn something, find a new favorite, or are inspired to create or build something yourself!

Here’s to 100s more posts, more learning and fun along the way! Invite all your mom friends to join us!

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