100 Sales! 100 Chart!

A few weeks ago, Jennie and I had our 100th Etsy sale! We are so excited about this milestone. Etsy has picked up in the last few months and we have also had some newly loyal customers coming back for more, which we obviously love.

It was perfect when we realized that our 100th online sale was from our most loyal customer. She has been supporting us from the beginning. We aren’t sure how she found our Etsy, but we are so glad she did.

When we realized she was the one who place the 100th order, we had to do something special. In honor of 100, we did a 100 chart. These are fun because they can be used with so many things. You can use pompoms, acorns, small toys, coins and more to practice counting or even sorting.

You can find these on our Etsy, here.

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