1000 Hours

I have a new goal. I want to unplug for 1,000 hours. The goal is to do this in 365 days. Surely, I can do it in less. To reach 1,000 hours in one year, that is about 3 hours un plugged each day. This seems like too small of a goal honestly. It feels silly to even confess that 3 hours with out my phone feels difficult. But, it’s honest.

I want these 3 hours a day to be completely off of my phone. Put it away. So often, I will find my self picking up my phone and scrolling without even knowing I am on it! I will think “Oh, I need to look that up!” Then, before I know it, I have been watching Instagram Reels for far too long!

I don’t think technology is bad. I actually really love and value it. Facetime has made it so that Lucian knows his Florida relatives so much more than he could without it! Instagram and Facebook have allowed me to keep up with family and friends from all over! Google is amazing and Amazon is far too helpful.. So, I am not anti-phone! However, I am anti-missing out on what is right in front of you! And, I am anti- choosing social media over choosing to be social with the people I am actually with!

Lucian already will see my phone somewhere and bring it to me. He thinks I need it. I want him to grow up and remember his mom having fun with him. I want him to remember me loving to read, both to myself and to him. I want him to look back and know he was my number one priority. And I want him to choose good habits for himself too. As someone who will grow up never having been without a phone nearby, I want him to know the world is so much bigger. I want him to love sitting outside(with sunscreen on!) and enjoying the quiet and stillness. I want him to notice the small things around him.

So, I will be committing to 1000 hours unplugged. I saw this on a blog by Hannah Brencher. You can get a printable to mark off the hours on her blog! It is so easy to just think ” I want to do better.” or even ” I am going to do better” but I find that until I take an action step, I am less likely to actually stick with it. So, here I am being vulnerable with you all and sharing my goal. I want to be completely off of my phone for over 3 hours a day. I really hope that I do not end up having to unplug for the entire last day of the year! I want to beat the goal! Join me, if you feel like you are in a similar spot. And if not, find something else you want to do more and set a goal. Maybe more time outside, maybe more hydration, maybe more intentional time with friends, maybe more self care… whatever it is, set a goal and stick to it! Let’s be better for ourselves and our kiddos!

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