2022 Intentions

Chloe and I are sharing some of our intentions for ourselves, our families, and the boys this year! It is that time of year where a lot of people start to think about and set goals for what they intend or hope for, for the year to come. We aren’t saying this is the only time to focus on this but we know it is already on a lot of mamas minds.

Jennie’s Intentions:

  • I like to choose a word to focus on for the year and this year my word is going to be seek because I feel like this resonates in a lot of different ways for me this year! I decided on this word after seeing this post that Chloe shared with me.
    • Seek out and think about what I want! A lot of times I make decision based on others and thinking about what would make them happy! At least thinking about what I want even if I don’t choose it being aware of what I want.
    • Seek Adventure: as a family we LOVE to explore so continuing to seek adventures for our family as we expand to a family of 4.
    • Seek Joy in the simplest things: Look for joy in the small moments. How can I find joy in the everyday things and how can I help BJ and the boys find joy in the simple, everyday things?
  • Health: taking care of myself through the remainder of this pregnancy and after! Continuing to exercise and do what I can while not overdoing. After we welcome Little Bug getting back into exercise when it is safe to do so and again not doing too much too soon! Eating healthier as a family, making more at home and choosing healthier options when eating out or ordering in.
  • Organize: Choose one thing (room, closet, toys) each month to clean out and/or organize. I do NOT love doing this but know I need to be better at it so setting this goal for once a month I feel like is doable but also not too much that I won’t do it either. For this month I am focusing on our playroom, so it can be set up for the boys.
  • Learn: Stretch myself learn something new weekly. Take time each week to read, listen to a podcast, take a course, do something that will stretch and grow myself. This also applies to the boys too, helping them see the importance of continuing to lear and better themselves. Also taking time each week to focus on helping them learn and grow.

Chloe’s Intentions:

  • Cleaning Schedule: Growing up, I always remember my mom following a cleaning schedule that would help her keep the whole house clean. I am going to implement one this year to see if it will not only help me to remember to flip the laundry, but also to clean under the couch, the baseboards and such more often. Maybe, I will even keep my car cleaned out?!?!
  • Starting this week, I am going to be channeling the preschool teaching past Chloe and start doing a little bit more structured learning with Lucian. I am a FIRM believer in learning through play, so I am not talking about anything super structured or worksheets! I may share more on this later, depending on how it goes! We will also be building in weekly library and park trips. 🙂
  • Single Touch Rule: Admittedly, I learned about this on an Instagram Reel, but I am going to try to start the habit of putting things away immediately instead of setting it aside to do later. Putting it aside feels like it saves time but makes more work for later and creates clutter in between. And for me, if I put it aside, it will be there for quite awhile. I think this will actually be one of my most challenging intentions. But I hope to have made it a habit by the end of 2022.
  • And, MAYBE, just maybe we will finish our house in the year 2022! We have been renovating since 2018.

We like to check in regularly on our intentions/goals and adjust as needed because let’s be honest things change and can be unpredictable. Even more so when you are raising little ones! It is important to have intentions/goals throughout the year but it is also important to adapt as needed too! Show yourself grace mama even when things don’t go exactly as you planned them too!

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