5 simple ways to remind yourself that you are a Good Mom

I know I am a good mom, but I certainly have moments that I don’t feel like it. After moments of losing my patience, choosing not to play with Lu, being super busy with orders… there are so many moments that I can easily start to feel guilty or upset with myself. Lately, I have been trying to be more intentional about reminding myself that those doubts and feelings are so wrong. Lucian couldn’t have a better Mom.

  1. Bluey Season 2 Episode 50: Baby Race
    This episode makes me tear up each time I watch it. And sometimes I go watch it when I need a reminder that it is so easy to compare yourself and your kiddo to others. But, it’s not a race, and “You’re doing great!” (This scene with Chili might even be my phone wallpaper right now)
  2. Add this sweatshirt to your Christmas list, or buy it for yourself!
    I bought this for myself recently and have been wearing it all of the time! It’s super cute and really is affirming to look down and see the reminder throughout the day.
  3. Drink your coffee in a reminder!
    Sunflower Motherhood is so supportive of Moms and the other day, they had a sale on this cup to thank their customers. I jumped on the deal. And, now when Lance brings my coffee and happens to put it in this cup, he reminds me that I am doing a great job.

  4. Take some intentional time with your little one(s). This week, Lucian randomly asked me to make a cake with him. It seemed so random, but we baked a cake, a 3-shaped cake with red icing and blueberries on top to be exact! He was beaming with pride and wanted to call his grandparents to show them!

  5. Ask your kiddo! Sometimes, I just check in with Lucian. He is always quick to tell me that I am a good mom. He is very giving with the hugs smooches and “I love you’s” right when I need them too!

However you remind yourself, just make sure to remind yourself! Even though I have my moments of doubt and guilt, if I take time to assess, I know I am doing my best and that doing my best makes me a good Mom. You too!

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