9 Ways to Switch Up Playdough

  1. Animal Tracks
    This is one of the easiest ways to add some extra fun to playdough. You can add any plastic toy animals to the table or tray. Little ones love squishing the playdough to make it flat and then stomping the animals through the dough. And of course, sound effects and pointing out each footprint makes it even more fun.
  2. Color Mixing
    This one (sometimes unfortunately) comes naturally to a lot of kids. When Lu starts mixing his playdough, I like to point out the new color its making! I have never actually had him mix them intentionally. But, it would definitely be a fun activity!
  3. Take a Walk
    There are SO many textures in nature. Take a nature walk then use the things you found in nature to make different patterns or even a picture on the playdough. This is a perfect way to use dough that is already getting old so that if it gets dirty, you don’t mind!
  4. Tire Tracks
    This is by far one of Lucian’s favorite ways to enjoy playdough. He loves driving the cars through the dough to make tracks. He also like to put playdough on the cars to make them “dirty” then “wash” them by knocking it off!
  5. Cutting Practice
    This is a great way to practice using scissor skills with out having tiny scraps of paper all overt the place!! And honestly, this is an activity that is really good for me too!
  6. Loose Parts Tray
    You can fill a tray with pretty much ANYTHING random that you have around your house. I like to use corks, pouch tops, hardware, coins and more. Of course if the parts are small, be sure to be present!
  7. Hammer Smash
    Destructive Play is a favorite of most kids I think. This is a great opportunity to embrace it. Help your little one make balls of the dough and let them enjoy using the hammer to smash! You can also hide little things like coins, gems, rocks etc inside for them to find when they smash!
  8. Pasta
    We like to use dyed pasta with our playdough. You can make numbers with the playdough and stick pasta in as you count. You can sort by color. You can make silly faces. You can make patterns. So many activities!!!! Likely your kiddo will come up with even more ways to use the pasta!
  9. Fossils/Bugs
    Press little bug toys or shells into the dough to make a “fossil.” You can use brow or grey playdough or just use any color!! Add a magnifying glass for some great observing!!

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