About Your Mama

Welcome to the world, Sawyer. And welcome to being oh so loved by so many. But number one, by your mama. Your mom is one of the best moms I know. She is so kind and patient. She is full of joy and she goes out of her way to help others! 

I know you already feel loved by your mom, because one of her best qualities is making people feel comfortable and loved so quickly. She makes friends anywhere she goes!

I know your mom will listen to what you say and how you’re feeling. When she started running our Mom Chats, I got to see this in action. I’m a close friend so I expect to to be heard and understood by her, but these were moms she had never met. As she lead that group, she took time to listen to each mom and quickly validate their feelings! And when you’re close to her, it’s even better. I always know I can talk to her if I just need to be heard. Your mom will always make you feel heard. 

I know your mom will be a safe place for you. I know this because I’ve shared things with her when I’ve felt anxious or upset. And I can do that confidently, knowing it will stay with her and that she will not be judgmental about the things I’ve shared. You’ll share so much with her as you grow! 

I know your mom will teach you so much. I know this because I’ve seen her with your brother. She takes so many opportunities and turns them into an educational moment. She’s able to keep calm and talk your brother through things. This makes for so many learning opportunities. She teaches him new words for things he sees, does and feels! You will love learning alongside your mom! 

I know your mom will be your biggest supporter. She will cheer you on and support your success. She loves to see others succeed! 

So welcome to the world, to my newest little buddy. I can’t wait for you to learn how blessed you are to have your Mommy! She has blessed me so much; you’re in for a real treat. 

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