At-Home Date Nights

Jennie and I were talking recently about ways to spend time as a couple with our husbands. We are trying not to go out as much and a lot of places are closed. So, we thought we would share some of the ideas with you!

DINNER IN! We like to order/pick up dinner from somewhere we would go to dinner on a date night. We recently did this with a giftcard we got for Christmas. While Lance was picking it up, I set the table, opened our favorite local wine, lit candles and even got dressed up. It felt a little bit silly to get dressed up and light candles, but after, we decided we should do it more often. It was a nice change from our typical night!

Jennie and BJ like to do dinner in too. They usually wait until after they put Brooks to bed on these nights and play a game or use their table topic cards to make it even more special.

COOKING CLASS: Jennie and BJ recently did a virtual cooking class with Gordon Ramsey. They had so much FUN and definitely will do it again! They quickly learned that Gordan Ramsey talks way too fast to do the class while he was cooking so they watched and listened as he did his and then cooked right after. Jennie said the food was so good and the date wasn’t too shabby either.😜

I also want to talk Lance into a virtual, painting date night soon!

DATE NIGHT IN A BOX: Jennie and BJ get these date night in a box dates. This was one of their very first dates together after Brooks was born! They are so much fun! The boxes come with ideas for the date and recipes you can fix too. You can just do the date idea if cooking isn’t your thing! Jennie and BJ have been getting them since but have gotten a little behind on doing them so they have some catching up to do on these! Scheduling definitely helps make sure date nights at home happen and gives us something to look forward to too!

DOUBLE DATE: We recently did a Murder Mystery night with our friends. We waited until the boys were in bed, and we had a blast!! We used Night of Mystery for our kit. They offer virtual parties too!! So, you can do this with your friends near and far over Zoom. We chose the 80’s prom theme and it really was a great night. We have done virtual game nights with our friends and may have to try one of these virtually soon! We have found when we have a game night or something planned we are more likely to actually get together with friends virtually!

We also know that sometimes you plan a nice date night and it turns out like this! And that is okay too!!

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