Back to School Board

This project came about because in a few weeks Brooks will be starting 3K and I wanted to be able to document this with the infamous first day of school picture! So I will ask Brooks’ these questions and take his picture with his back to school board!

I am so excited with how this turned out and Brooks said “wow mom I didn’t know I was in 3K!” 😂. We talked when he starts school in a few weeks how he will be in 3K! I wanted names to be interchangeable for siblings and since I want to see the difference in answers as the year goes by I wanted first and last to be swappable too for day of school!

If, as a teacher, you would like this for your classroom, it is possible for the name and first/last space to be chalkboard like the other spaces allowing it to be used for lots of kids and days over the years! Think 100th day of school celebrations, spirit days, etc.

When purchased this will come with up to two names, first, and last. You can find this here, on our Etsy shop!

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