Birthday Celebrations Board

Brooks’ is so interested in all of the family and friends! It started out as wanting to know everyones’ names and then was quickly followed by birthdays!

He also is very interested in whose birthday is next so I decided a birthday board would be a fun way to represent our family and friends but also for Brooks to visually see the months and so we can show him whose birthday is next.

He asked me what I was making for him while I was making it (boy knows when mom is crafting it usually means him or Sawyer is getting something 😂) and when I told him what it was he was excited! I cannot wait to show it to him now that it is completed!

This was the first time making a project using my new laser engraver and while I still have A LOT to learn I am happy with how this one turned out!

All of the circles with the names and dates were laser engraved and cut! The sign part was engraved and cut using the CNC machine. I painted the sign using milk paint and finished the project with natural hemp oil.

You can find this on our Etsy shop, here.

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