Book Caddies

We LOVE books around here! Brooks has so many books and I know as he gets older his collection will only continue to grow! I wanted to have a storage place to put next to the rocking chair in his room where we read a lot!

Currently I have a cart next to the rocking chair and we end up piling books on it. So I decided to design and make this caddy! We LOVE owls and Brooks has recently started noticing all the ones we have around the house as decorations and the few we have in his room! So this seemed like the perfect fit!

I’m also working on this fox that will be finished and added to his playroom soon! Once completed I will put it next to his nugget in the playroom to put books in that he gets off of his bookshelf for us to read! I’ll update and add completed pictures once it is put together and complete!

These were designed on the Inventables X-Carve, cut on MDF, and painted with acrylic paint. The caddy part was cut using a table saw and then the pieces were glued together with wood glue. This is a Local Pickup and Festival exclusive item. You can find it on our Etsy Shop.

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