We say this a lot around here, so if you have been here for a while, you already know we LOVE books! It is surprising to me that we are just now making bookmarks! BJ said I think it would be pretty neat if you did bookmarks, and I was like ummmm YES I love that idea! So here we are!

We have been reading some chapter books with Brooks and I always find myself either trying to remember the chapter we are leaving off on or finding a random piece of paper to put in there! No more! Brooks got involved with this one, drawing a couple of designs and then helping me design a couple with Canva! This was a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing them come out of the laser engraver with his designs he came up with! The first design he drew and said it is a silly silly book crab monster name pookey 😂!

Of course I had to have a couple of designs too! I read my kindle mostly but also love having the hard copy of the book too and still read some that way as well!

You can find bookmarks in our Etsy shop, these are completely customizable or you can choose a design that is already done for you!

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