Brooks’ 4th Birthday: ROAR I am Four

We celebrated Brooks’ fourth birthday on Friday with friends and on Saturday the 7th we had his birthday party, dino themed FUN!

Friday we started out his birthday with opening his presents from dad and mom! Then he went to school, Carson Creek Nature School, and celebrated with his friends and teachers there with some cupcakes and they sang Happy Birthday!

We went to dinner at Rio150 with friends because Brooks requested Mexican food (taco, rice and beans) and came home to have some cake and ice cream together and the boys played!

Saturday we had Brooks’ dino-themed party at Mountain Creek Park! He LOVES this park and decided this is where he wanted his party to be this year! We rented the room in the Nature Center and were so happy with this! It is halfway between the playground and pump track! Brooks’ loves both so we wanted the kiddos that came to have both options to play/ride at both because we knew Brooks would be doing both!

My mom, MiMi, made Brooks cake and cupcakes and they were so GOOD and exactly what Brooks requested chocolate with vanilla (chocolate icing with vanilla cake)! It is mom’s thing to make a cake/cupcakes or whatever the birthday person request, even for us big kids still! So Brooks’ has gotten very into MiMi making his cake!

Brooks got lots of goodies and is always so excited and grateful for the goodies he gets! Brooks LOVES his people so much so he LOVES getting to see all his family and friends on his special day to celebrate him!

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