Brooks is Grilling and Chilling

After Chloe did the play kitchen for Lucian I really wanted to do something similar for Brooks! Chloe and I started talking about it and the way our kitchen is set up there really isn’t space for him to have a play kitchen in our kitchen. Chloe sent me the idea of a grill and I fell in love!

We have a smoker and use it A LOT especially during the warmer months so how perfect would it be for Brooks to have is very own grill next to ours! This was a bigger project and I knew I’d need BJ’s help on this one! So I used these plans and adapted it a little to make it our own!

BJ made the legs for me out of poplar and pine! Then he cut the bottom shelf, back piece, top shelf, and the piece the buttons are on with the table saw! Then I designed and cut the grill front with slots, side shelf and pieces for support, the sides of the grill, and the knobs with Inventables Easel Pro and X-Carve CNC machine! The pieces are painted with Old Fashioned Milk Paint and finished with Hemp Oil.

There are a couple of things I will tweak with time… I’ll add a drawer to the grill face with slots. I’ll add some hangers to the left side for Brooks’ cooking tools to hang on! I also plan to add some handmade wooden utensils, pans, and possibly even burger pieces for him to “grill” and build his own burger! Look for future posts for that!

I’m really excited about this project and to watch what all Brooks cooks up on his grill! I think he will really love this and get many years of play with this! It’s going to be SO FUN when we are smoking on the smoker and he’s right there on his grill helping us cook!

2 thoughts on “Brooks is Grilling and Chilling

  1. Great job. I love it. I really like the colors you chose. Do you have any issues with the milk paint rubbing off or does the hemp oil fully encapsulate the paint? How long fid you let the hemp oil cure/dry?

    1. Thank you! I haven’t had any issues with the Milk Paint rubbing off and have found that the Hemp Oil is a GREAT finish for it. It needs to sit overnight for the hemp oil to fully dry. I think it varies with different kind of Milk Paint and Hemp Oils. I use Old Fashioned Milk Paint and Sweet Pickins Hemp Oil.

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