Build a Bee

I really enjoy making the build a puzzles and Brooks has been really interested in bees lately so I decided to make this one! This was the second of two designs, the first one had too many pieces and they were smaller than what I imagined when designing it. So back to the drawing board I went to recreate with less pieces and to combine some so they wouldn’t be as small either. I like this design better than the first but still has some things I would like to improve upon.

Ideally I would like for the pieces to fit a little snugger together and maybe do a little different design for the head and pieces that connect to the wings. Brooks doesn’t mind and didn’t notice any of those things 🤪 he just liked that it is a bee and he can play with all the pieces! I will keep working on this one and you may see it with a little different design in the future.

This was designed using Easel Pro, cut using the X-Carve, and painted with Milk Paint then finished with Hemp Oil. Milk Paint & Hemp Oil are non-toxic and food safe.

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