Busy Boards

I recently set up a new play area for Lucian in my workspace. It is so nice to be able to work while he plays safely. I can get things done but still spend a lot of time with him. It is a win-win!

When we used the doors to block the lower windows on the old porch, I knew it was the perfect time to add the busy board we had been talking about and pinning ideas to Pinterest for months now! And, if his play area moves, we can move his busy board too!

We had a lot of the locks just lying around our house and in the workshop out back. We added the cookie sheet for magnets. I didn’t have any magnets, so I laser cut the states of our closest friends and family and some common shapes!

I plan to just keeping adding to it when we see things. I am thinking the next addition will be a PVC pipe for him to drop balls into. I love how open ended this project is!

Lucian is a BIG fan too!

I also started making travel sized busy boards, so the learning, tinkering and playing doesn’t have to stay in your playroom! To purchase, visit our etsy store.

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