Cameras and Binoculars

I’ve always loved photography and taking pictures, of anything and everything! It is a fun way to see and show perspective! We all see things differently and I think photography is a neat way to be able to see someone else’s perspective but also to show your own.

Tung oil and Wildflower Milk Paint was used to paint/stain.

This quote is one of my favorites, “Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, take another shot.” ~Anonymous. This is an awesome mantra for life and one I intend to teach Brooks!

With cameras and binoculars there are so many teachable moments with both, they have to be focused so you can see what it is you are looking at or want to capture.

These will be great for imaginative play for littles. Between 18-24 months the first “pretend games” begin by acting out actions they have seen adults do and between 2-3 years old they begin using props during pretend play. My hope is that these toys will help kids tap into their imagination and help them explore! Using their imagination for what they are looking at and seeing but also for how they are seeing it. “Going” bird watching, for a nature walk, being the captain of a ship and having to see what is up ahead, etc.

A mixture of Light & Dark Tung oil was used to stain!

These were made using Easel Pro to design them and then Inventables X-Carve to carve them. I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint to paint and Tung Oil and Dark Tung Oil to stain. I would love to make something for imaginative play for your little one(s), these or if you have something else in mind! To purchase, visit our Etsy store.

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