Castle Blocks

I love castle building, both sandcastles on the beach and block castles in the house. My mom and dad bought Lucian this set of castle blocks for when he gets a little bit older and Lance and I have already enjoyed them. For now, we are using them as a display on the mantle in Lu’s playroom. I cannot wait to see what he builds with them. But, they have some small pieces, so I thought it would be fun to make some toddler-sized castle blocks. Why make him wait to build castles?!?!

I love the way these turned out and I think they will get years of play! Most of Lucian’s blocks are the giant LEGOs, which are really fun but every kid needs some good wooden block sets! I will say that right now, he much prefers knocking castles down to building them. I really enjoyed this article from LEGO explaining how important destructive play is for toddlers, so, for now we will encourage the castle destruction!

I finished these Birch Plywood blocks with Tung Oil. They are available in our Etsy store here.

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