Chloe’s Favorite Finds Recently

Andar Wallet: I hate carrying a purse. I have never been much of purse carrier! So, after losing my credit card, license and keys about a million time, I bought this wallet and I am a huge fan! It is so helpful. The quality is great and the wristlet is so convenient! I will be buying another one once this one has worn out! Totally worth it! These sell out often, but you can sign up for the restock emails!

Loopy Case: I recently joined the loopy crew. I have never had a pop socket, so I cannot weigh in on that debate. But I can say that I love my loopy! And my favorite thing is to loop my loopy over my wallet and carry both hands free with the groceries or while I shop, etc.

Celebs on Sandwiches: This instagram page and this artist are a great follow. I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I just bought the perfect one to start my collection!

Wearable Blanket: This puppy goes EVERYWHERE with me! The one I linked is from Amazon, the one I purchased was from a different company, but the customer service was a 0/10, so I won’t be promoting them. But I wear this at home all the time, and i take it anywhere we travel. I feel like hotels can especially be so cold!

Burst: My dentist recommended this toothbrush and I am a big fan. It has a massage setting for your gums. Mine get puffy and this has helped so much. We just grabbed Lu the kids version because they have a lifetime guarantee and he has been through so many of the cheap ones you get at the pharmacy or grocery store. And he loves the smiley face on it!

Almost everything I shared is on sale right now for mother’s day. So, go TREAT YOURSELF!

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