Consignment Shopping

Jennie and I love a good deal and we love shopping for our boys! In fact, we have been consignment shopping for them before Brooks was even born! Since babies don’t wear the same size for long, it is easy to find perfect clothes that are second hand.

We laugh because we are both drawn toward different styles for our kiddos. We are pretty sure Lucian will be tired of space and dinosaurs in a few years and the same for Brooks and animals. But before that happens, we are determined to get them in as many of our favorite outfits as possible!

Consigning is a little bit different during a pandemic, but we very carefully went out last weekend and found it to not be so scary after all. The consignment places we visited were very clean, masks were required and people were good about keeping their distance. The boys loved getting out and even picked out a few things on their own.

Here are some of the things we purchased. Can you guess which are for Lucian and which are for Brooks?

You can also find GREAT deals on toys! Buying used toys can make it so that you can switch your toys out more often, which is great since the boys are developing so quickly right now and their play needs are evolving!

Be sure to look out for consignment sales in your city and shop at the local consignment stores. And if you are local to us, let us know when you are going shopping, we would probably love to join!

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