Continuing to Focus on our Health & Well-Being as Moms

We are choosing to continue to focus on our health, both mental and physical beyond the new year! Did you know that most people do not keep their resolutions more than two weeks? We wanted to talk about how hard it can be to stay focused but also encourage you with it is okay to recommit and show your self grace and move on! Don’t beat yourself up over it, none one is perfect! You are WORTH it, mama!

What does this look for us as moms?

For Chloe:

  • Pick a goal that’s flexible like three times a week rather than on specific days.
  • Know what helps you vs what doesn’t.

To help me keep up with healthy habits this year, I downloaded an app that charted when I had and hadn’t done the goals I had set. Confession: I deleted it. When things came up and got in the way of my goals, the missing check marks and low streak numbers made me feel guilty. Know what moms don’t need more of, guilt! So, yes have goals and intentions, strive to be better, but don’t let this make you feel guilty: when being a mom, self care or even just trying to survive a current situation gets in the way. 

For Jennie:

  • Be specific, set a goal that is measurable. Either certain number of days or minutes.
  • Don’t beat myself up! If I am not able to hit a goal one week, that is okay! When I show myself grace and look at it as tomorrow is a new day it helps me stay committed vs giving up.
  • Check in on your goals and achievements often, adjust as needed and celebrate the wins (no matter how small)!

For Both of Us:

  • Involving the boys sometimes makes it more realistic and more fun.
  • Look at it as self care.
  • Exercising with good music, a show/podcast, or book makes it more fun.

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