Dad Appreciation- The Little Things

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.” ~Pam Brown

We are SO APPRECIATIVE of our husbands and LOVE watching them as fathers! It has been so much fun watching them take on the role of dad and grow into this role more and more everyday!

We wanted to show some of the ways they help us in little ways that make a BIG difference and help us in BIG ways:

BJ does so much for Brooks and I! I will be forever grateful for all the things he does BIG and small, sometimes the small things seem to go unnoticed or unappreciated! So we thought it would be fun to make note of the little things:

  • Getting my water and filling it up throughout the day, bringing it to me a million times when I sit it down 😜
  • Helping me with projects when needed (running the router, table saw)
  • Cooking meals for us & Doing the dishes
  • Making sure the stroller is in the car when we need it
  • Randomly checking on us throughout the day making sure neither of us need anything
  • Doing bath time with us as a family
  • Reading & Playing with Brooks, being silly
  • Introducing Brooks to new, exciting things (riding a skateboard, fishing, etc.)
  • Including Brooks so he can help with tasks around the house/yard (taking the trash out & rolling the cans up, yard work, checking the mail)
  • The adventures we take as a family and how involved you are with Brooks exploring on these adventures.
  • Setting a good example of taking care of yourself by running/working out and letting Brooks’ see you do this.

BJ THANK YOU so much for ALL you do for us and for being an AMAZING dad! I appreciate you each and everyday for all things big and small! HAPPY Father’s Day, BJ!

I know I am biased, but Lance is the best Dad. He is so involved and hands-on with parenting and caring for Lucian. As parents, we really are partners who share the load and the love of parenting. This means the world to me! Some of the little things that I love the most are:

  • Their morning routine: Lucian wakes us up, Lance gets up with him and they make Lances coffee and Lucian’s waffle. Then, they watch an episode or two of Lucian’s TV pick…usually Bluey or Trains (Thomas and Friends).
  • Working in the shop. Lance has approximately 100 hobbies and he is so great about sharing them with Lu. Lucian has had his own tape measure since before he could walk. He also can identify most hand tools. He LOVES helping Dad. And I love that Lance lets him help even though sometimes, it makes more work!
  • Adventures. Lance has (many times) had a very productive plan for the day, but dropped everything to take Lucian to a park, fair or a restaurant that has outdoor toys. I know Lu will look back and know he was a big priority for Lance.
  • Exciting Play. I love that with Dad, Lucian gets to do things that he wouldn’t do with me… Like swing a little higher, jump a little farther, zoom a little faster… etc. I have to look away sometimes (and in these moments, I know how my mom often felt) but I love that they get to have these exciting memories.
  • In general, Lance is quick to change diapers, read a book, give a bath and talk to Lu. I am so appreciative of him stepping up and sharing so much of the workload of parenting. It helps me so much, but more importantly, their bond is so tight because of it!

Happy Father’s Day, Lance. Seeing you love our little dude is my favorite thing.

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