Dad Projects

With Father’s Day coming, we thought we would let the Dad’s show off some of their projects!

Brooks and Lucian both LOVE pretending to drive whether it is in the car or in the house. Brooks would even pretend to drive with a paper plate! BJ decided to make him a steering wheel and he has been zoom-ing around the house ever since! And Lucian had to have one of these too. If your little one needs one too, you can find it on Etsy here.

Lucian recently got a sandbox and has been having a blast playing in the sand. Lance made him these fun tools to use. Lu and Brooks are both headed to the beach soon and these are sure to be a big hit there! You can find the set on our Etsy here.

Brooks and Lu both LOVE helping in the kitchen. BJ made this super cute giraffe learning tower for Brooks! Not only does it allow Brooks to reach the counter, it looks really cute in the kitchen too! It is available for local purchase on our Etsy page here!

We got these extra acrylic pieces from a sale that the local children’s museum was having. Lance used them to make a large lite brite to put on Lucian’s light table. Lucian absolutely loves it! Lance is looking for a source for these acrylic pieces so that he can add them to our Etsy store! So fun.

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