Dashboard for Steering Wheel

This project was sparked by a customer interested in the wheel being attached to something so her little one could drive! I was excited to make this idea become a reality!

The first couple of ideas didn’t workout! So Chloe and I along with our hubbies put our heads together and we came up with an idea! We tested it out and it worked, so here we are! THANK YOU, Chloe and Lance! And thank you to BJ for always being willing to lend a helping hand and jump in when I need you!

I really love how this turned out and am super excited to be adding it to our Etsy shop as an additional option for the steering wheel! The steering wheel has been one of our top selling items in the shop so having a way kiddos can drive and expand their pretend play a little further with this is exciting! You can find it here in our Etsy shop!

It is Brooks approved too! He will LOVE having this even more in the car now to drive along with us!

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