Dear Mom, Get in the Picture!

As women in general we tend to be our worst critic! Add having a baby to that, all the hormones, getting use to our role as a mom, and how our bodies have changed- it’s easy to be even more critical of ourselves!

We look in the mirror or at a picture and see our bodies: how they have completely changed postpartum! When we can stop and appreciate all that our bodies have done for us and brought us, it helps to not be so critical. But but that is hard and doesn’t always just happen naturally. It’s takes effort to stop those thoughts and replace them! We challenge you to love and appreciate who you are and what you see. 

Think about it, you created and grew that beautiful babe! What takes 9 months to grow, change, and create is going to take time after your beautiful baby arrives to get back to “normal” and it will likely be different than what you were use to before. Appreciate the body that helped you birth that babe. Appreciate the fact that your body supported and gave your babe what it needed while you were pregnant; the arms, lap, and legs that help you hold and support your baby now that your beautiful bundle is here! That is a lot to be appreciated!

All of that to say don’t be ashamed of what you see looking back at you in the mirror or pictures! Get in the pictures, embrace being part of those memories with those babes! I LOVE looking at pictures of me and my mom from when I was little, they are some of my favorites! Give you little one(s) the gift of seeing you in pictures with them and not always being the one taking the picture or strategically placing them to “hide” yourself!

I know this is hard and takes work! This post came about because of a video I posted and was watching back and my first initial reaction was EWWW! And then I thought NO, STOP! I am creating memories with my son! He will be able to look back at this when he is older, it will be something we both have! I do and will treasure that I have this video and am in it with him!

Show yourself grace. Don’t pick yourself apart, you are beautiful and your body has done and does so much for you on a daily basis; appreciate that, create those memories, and embrace those pictures and the woman looking back at you in the mirror! 

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