Dino Dig Sensory Bin

Before deciding to stay at home, I was working at the local children’s museum. Most of what I did revolved around science programming. I thought I would introduce some of that to Lucian this week with a dinosaur dig! I am happy to report that after playing with this bin, paleontologist is his 3rd word! JUST KIDDING! But he did have a great time with it.

At the museum, kinetic sand was a big hit for all ages and I was excited to see how Lucian would react to the texture. He definitely was not sure about it at first! This activity would really be best for kids who are older than Lucian, probably 4-8. But I was able to make it more appropriate for him by taking out the tiniest bones and using close supervision. But that was easy since I love kinetic sand and dinosaurs too!

This activity is so easy and I am storing it in an under the bed storage bin so we can get it back out any time.

Next time, we will put a vinyl tablecloth underneath for easy cleanup! We also have already been talking about things we can do with the kinetic sand: 3D printed cookie cutters and stampers, animal/dinosaur toys and so much more.

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