Dinosaur Habitat Blocks

This week, we took Lucian and a friend to the Science Center to see some dinosaurs. They had a blast and we have been talking a lot about dinosaurs around here. Lucian’s favorite is the long neck! Of course, this was the inspiration for my project this week.

If you are like us, you have quite of few of the inexpensive, plastic dinos hanging around your house. Well, now we have a little habitat for them.

I created this set to be more open ended. I made the volcano using many pieces that stack instead of just one piece that stands up. I wanted to make it so kids could really use their imaginations. The pieces can be rocks or built up to be a volcano, or flip one over and its a body of water! I cannot wait to see what stories Lucian dreams up in his new dinosaur world.

This set is available on our Etsy page here!

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