DIY Splash Pad

Last year, for Lucian’s birthday party, I had this crazy idea to put a splash pad in our yard! It gets pretty hot here in the summer and I knew it would bring a lot of fun over the next few years. I love playing in a pool, but after having one at our last house, we knew for sure we didn’t want another one! We had taken Lu to a few splash pads and knew that he would love having one at home. If you haven’t met my husband, he loves a good project (hence our 100-year-old fixer upper of a house 🙂 ).

He took on the project quickly and was actually pretty excited to figure out how to make it happen! Here’s a quick overview of how he built it!

  1. Flattened the area
  2. Built a treated 2×4 frame
  3. Added a layer of plastic
  4. Added a layer of gravel
  5. Used pex line/pipe, irrigation valves and brass nozzles to create internal parts of the splash pad
  6. Programmed an arduino to open different valves at different times to make it more interactive
  7. More gravel
  8. Added a layer of turf and surrounded with bricks
  9. Sat back and watched the kids have an absolute blast.

This was a big hit and we are about to start running it this year. I think Lucian and his buddies will be spending a lot of time playing in the splash pad this summer. It is the perfect way to cool off without having to go to a park. And, I don’t have to be as worried or on high alert as I would if he and his buddies were all in the pool, which I love! Now, what project should I start mentioning for this year?!?! 😉

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