DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas for Kids


We started a tradition last year of making Wrapping Paper prints for presents from us. Lucian loved getting to paint and some of our family members still have their wrapping paper hung up on display at their house! I simply buy inexpensive wrapping paper that is brown paper on the inside, roll it out, and we paint on the back! Here are some fun ideas we tried this year:

  1. Toilet Paper Rolls
    Just dip the rolls in Christmas colored paints or paints that match your Christmas tree and let your little one stamp away. You can also recycle your wrapping paper tubes!
  2. Cork Rudolph
    Dip a cork in brown paint to use as a stamp. This one would also work with just one finger dipped in the paint. After the brown spots are dry go back with a red dot and some eyes and antlers.
  3. Handprint Santas
    Paint just your kiddo’s fingers white. Then when these are dry go back and add hat and eyes. When we do more of these, I don’t think I will include the smiles.
  4. Potato Ornament Stamping
    This was one of Lu’s favorites. We used a sweet potato. Just cut the potato in half and carve out some lines to look like an ornament, add your paint and start stamping. Once they were dry, I went back and added the hangers.
  5. Monster Truck/Car Tracks
    Lu loved this one too. We just dipped the wheels of a toy in paint and let him play. This is washable paint, but we still used a toy he got with a kid’s meal in case it didn’t come clean!
  6. Handprint Trees
    I painted his whole hand green then we stamped it over and over. I went back adn added the stars and ornaments when the handprints were dry
  7. Bingo Dabber Christmas Lights
    I let him stamp the bingo dabber all over. Then, we went back and added the string for the lights once they were dry.

We had a lot of fun trying these wrapping paper ideas! Also, some of what we will do this year and what we did last year was just let him color on it with the bingo dabbers and paint. He loves to do art! It’s also kind of nice, because no one is looking at your wrapping, they all just want to look at the cute paintings!

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