Enneagram and Mom Life

What is the Enneagram?

It is a way to type a person’s personality, it describes patterns in how people see the world and manage their emotions. The enneagram is made up of nine different types and each are mapped on a nine-pointed diagram.

Shows how the types relate to each other.
What Can we Learn from the Enneagram?

Each of the personality types has a core desire about how they perceive the world, this shapes their view of the world and people around them. These beliefs can be limiting so knowing yours can help you broaden your perspective. Also knowing more about ourselves helps us to be able to be aware of strengths and weaknesses, which can help us grow and stretch in areas we would like to work on. As a mom we are always trying to be the best we can be for our child(ren)!

In the book Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron it does a great job helping to understand the types and it also describes types as children which is really interesting to see!

Some of our favorite resources for the Enneagram:

Very Well Mind (where the graphic above is from) this website has great information to help you understand more about the Enneagram types, uses, and impact.

This is the test we recommend from electric energies, we recommend taking the full length test.

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