Everything is Better with Donuts

This project came about because Brooks LOVES to pretend to order, sell, and eat donuts, it is ALWAYS Chocolate 😂! When we are at Hope Park they have a sweet shop and he sells chocolate donuts every time we go!

I decided to add donuts to his Market that Chloe and Lance made him for his birthday so he can sell some donuts at home! He has been pretending to have and sell donuts for a while! He was so excited when he saw the donuts in his market!

Yesterday he kept saying you have to try these donuts and sharing them with us!

I cannot wait to see the many ways Brooks plays with these and uses his imagination with them! He has really been into pretend play lately so having things to foster this makes it even more fun to watch!

You can find these here, on our Etsy shop.

PS MAMA: “Donut let anyone tell you you are less than incredible!”

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