Family Meal Ideas

Sometimes meals around here are ordered in or made for quickness and convenience (chicken nuggets, frozen pizza, fruit, cheese etc.) Sometimes we find recipes to have as a family, and other times it’s about creatively using up what we have in the fridge or pantry!

We try to include Brooks in whatever it is we are eating whether it’s out, sandwiches at home, recipes we’ve found, or being creative with what we have on hand. For the most part, Brooks will eat what we are eating. Of course, there are things that he will leave on his plate and that’s okay. We don’t force it, but try to offer him a variety. We offer things even if he has left them untouched on his plate in the past. Sometimes he will try them and sometimes he won’t.

Some things that he loves have surprised us, like ramen & pho- he even likes my spicy ones! He loves crab, and different types of fish/seafood.

Here are some recipes we’ve found or tried that have been a hit for us:

This dinner idea came about because we were using up what we had available in the refrigerator and pantry. It is chicken sausage, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and onions. It was delicious! Brooks ate everything but the onions on this one!

This air fryer salmon is SO GOOD, we have made it a couple of times. We haven’t done it over the salad like in the recipe. We usually pair it with sides. We have done green beans and corn on the cob, as well rice and black beans. Brooks loves salmon so this was a hit! Taralynn McNitt shares lots of great recipes! You can find them here on Instagram.

The cream of mushroom chicken was DELICIOUS. We served this one over spaghetti noodles. We will definitely make this one again! Brooks loved this one too! The sauce over the noddles was GREAT! This recipe was from Easy Family Recipes on Instagram, their are so many great recipes there!

Whatever your meals look like and no matter how much your kiddos leave on their plate, you are doing GREAT, Mom!

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