Favorite Things To Do in NC with a Toddler

We LOVE getting out and exploring as a family! BJ and I have always enjoyed going to new places and exploring around where we live! Now that we’ve had Brooks it’s even more fun exploring and finding new places to go with him, seeing and experiencing it all through his eyes!

Some of our favorites include:

  • NC Zoo: We LOVE the zoo this was a frequent stop for BJ and I before Brooks was born but now with him it’s even more FUN! We LOVE zoos and try to visit different ones when we are traveling! We just got a membership to the NC Zoo, if your zoo lovers I highly recommend the membership because it also gets you discounted rates to other zoos & aquariums across the US.
  • White Water Center: This is a GREAT and cheap way to spend the day as a family! A lot of times we go and walk around on the trails and let Brooks run around in the grassy areas! He LOVES it here!
  • Patterson Farm: This was our newest find and it’s AWESOME! They have animals, a playground, and a market with ice cream! What’s not to love?
  • Fit4Mom: This is fun for me and Brooks! I’m able to get my workout in and built into the workout is all kinds of fun for the kiddos too (bubbles, books, songs, and learning)! After the workout Brooks gets to get out of his stroller and run and play with the other kids! AND on Saturdays the dads get to come too so it’s family fun!
  • Discovery Place Kids: There is so much here for Brooks! The first time we went we weren’t sure how much he’d be able to do but pretty much everything he could do or it could be adapted for him to play!
  • Catawba Farms: Another GREAT spot with animals and lots a great wide open space for the little! BONUS: Wine and beer for the adults if that’s your thing!
  • SeaLife Aquarium: Brooks is so into fish and water! We went shopping at Concord Mills and he spotted the fish on the wall so we had to go and he LOVED it!

On our must see list:

We’ve heard and read GREAT things about these places! These are on our adventure list to go check out soon!

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