For the People That Love our Kids So Well, THANK YOU!

It is something so special to have people in our lives that love our kiddos so well! It is even more special when it is people in our lives that don’t have to love on our kiddos but choose to anyways!

It is so heart warming to see friends and family interact and love on our kids! Also to see the relationships and how our kiddos love on people that are special to us is really neat too! Not only is it so special but it brings GREAT peace when you have AWESOME people in your lives that can love on them so well and that you can trust with your kids!

THANK YOU to those of you that love our kids so well! THANK YOU for all the things from checking in on us and them, being a helping hand when we need it, sending thoughtful gifts, letting our kids play together, inviting us to go do something with y’all, or being a listening ear when we need it! We cannot say THANK YOU enough for these things!

Can’t post about loving our kiddos on Valentine’s Day (Lucian’s Nana’s birthday) with out shouting out to my mom who Facetimes with us almost every single day! Happy Birthday, Cup Head!

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