Fractions, Food, and Fun

Before beginning to work at WW (Weight Watchers) I completed my bachelors of science degree in Early Childhood Education and math was one of my favorite subjects to teach to children. Math was also one of my favorite subjects throughout school too! My husband also has his degree in Mathematics so it seems fitting to introduce Brooks to math early on!

We all have a LOVE for food too, so I used that to create these fun toys that can be used to teach fractions and encourage imaginative play! These were made using the X-Carve, painted with Milk Paint, and finished with Hemp Oil.

The watermelon can be used to teach halves and whole. Watermelon is one of Brooks’ favorite foods too. The lime can be used to teach thirds and Brooks loves all things citrus! The pizza is the most complex and can be used to teach fourths and eighths.

All of these will be able to be used in a play kitchen when we get Brooks one of those! Interested in getting one of these or a set for your little one? You can find them here on our Etsy shop.

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