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Getting through Leaps & Growths and Mix & Match Emojis

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Feeding Littles

A GREAT resource if you need help with feeding your littles! It is a video-based learning that provides GREAT information and you can apply it to your family the best way you see fit! Trustworthy sources as both ladies are industry leading feeding professionals. The post below is something they shared on Instagram that we thought was an AMAZING reminder about having balance when feeding our boys. It is also a great reminder to not compare or be judgmental and stay to in our lane.

Happy Family Organics

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use these kind of snacks or not when introducing solids with Brooks but the more realistic I was with feeding and to be honest there are times when we need a quick grab and go option. I was so HAPPY to find this organic option for these teething crackers, puffs, yogurt creamies, etc. They have items for babies, tots, kids, and mamas too! As you can see Brooks is currently loving the baby items, he has a teething cracker here!

1/2 Gallon Water Bottles from Amazon

Chloe got hers and shared with me so then I went and found one too! You can tell they are a little bit different in styles, so I have linked them both here… Jennie’s or Chloe’s

One of our challenges with the BodyWell class we started recently is to drink more water, so naturally we needed fun water bottles to drink out of!

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