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Brooks’ Birth Story and a Stacker Project

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We want to share some resources that are challenging us this week. We want to raise our children to be kind, inclusive, funny, and loving of all races and skin colors.

As you will see on the infographic below from The Children’s Community School, we realized it is never too early to start.

We thought this book challenge, was a great way for us to broaden our children’s collections of books to be more inclusive. We have started to create a list of children’s books we are seeing shared to help us expand our libraries.

We want to raise children who treat all people equally and with respect. And we are realizing to do that, we need to start now and be very intentional with what we model to, read to, and say to our children. We hope these resources will help you to join us in raising kids who will change the world for the better.

More resources:

From Motherly: How to Raise Anit-Racist Kids: 20 Resources for Parents

From Forge: Mom, Why Don’t You Have Any Black Friends?

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