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This week, we are coming off of the Halloween fun of last week and are preparing for our first craft festival!! We are also in the middle of a pandemic and elections. So, we are really excited about this weekend, but we are also really TIRED!! So, what better to share than the thing keeping us going (besides our husbands and friends supporting us): COFFEE!

We both LOVE coffee. Our favorite local coffee shops are Clutch Coffee Bar and Coyote Coffee.

A little hack that we have recently discovered is pre-made cold brew. The JavaHouse brand is available at Target and on Amazon. They have the Coffee on Tap (think boxed wine, but for coffee) and the Single Serve pods. These are a staple on both of our houses. The convenience and flavor cannot be beat.

As for creamer, of course it is great black, but as a treat we love these creamers. Nutpods are sugar and dairy-free and the seasonal flavor, Toasted Marshmallow is the best! Another seasonal, dairy-free creamer was reccomended to us by a mom friend and we love it: So Delicious Snickerdoodle Oat Creamer!

And if you want an inexpensive way to make your at home coffee feel a little fancier, this frother will take it to the next level.

Did we mention we love coffee?? Let us know your favorite way to enjoy coffee!

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