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Fourth Trimester Tips and Push/Pull Toys

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As we head into Father’s Day weekend, we both appreciate our husbands so much and have really enjoyed watching them in their roles as fathers! We wanted to share a few resources we found about being a dad and being involved with your little one!

I am so thankful for my husband, BJ! I cannot express how much my love for him has grown watching him take on this role as a father with Brooks! It brings a smile to my face watching him play and be silly with Brooks! Everything from him having jumping competitions with him in his jumper, making him laugh by flipping him upside down, and swinging him in his swing! He is an AMAZING dad and takes this role in life so serious and gives it his all!

Happy first Father’s Day to Lance. I hope Lucian grows up to be as handy, funny and loving as his Dad. I knew Lance would be a great Dad, but he goes above and beyond to make sure Lu and I feel loved and cared for. He held Lucian first, helped teach him to eat with a tiny syringe and now is teaching him to use a stud finder, snap his fingers and drive the truck! Couldn’t love these guys any more!

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Check out this article about the importance of Dads involvement in development!

This one is for the dads who play often, care too much and love with their whole heart. We couldn't do it without you….

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