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This Week’s Favorites

If you have been around here for a while, you know Chloe and I LOVE books and really enjoying reading and introducing books to the boys too! This week we are sharing with you our favorite non-fiction books and books that teach.

This one teaches all about the moon, we love this one because Brooks has really taken an interest to the moon and the stars recently! It takes you on an Apollo like journey learning all about the surface of the moon! This book has so much interesting information about the moon!

Lucian has been loving this RBG book. He especially loves pointing out her glasses on every page and showing his muscles when he sees her working out.

This is one of my favorites and Brooks seems to enjoy it too, he really likes the pictures in this one! Rocket is an aspiring astronaut, throughout the book she is trying to get her community to take a break from the business and Look Up to see a comet in the night sky. I LOVE the message that this one delivers about taking time to Look Up and seeing the awe of the world around us!

This is one of Lucain’s favorite books right now. We read it over and over. The illustrations are bright and and fun. It talks about how important our words are and how they can change someone’s day for better or worse. I love that he is getting such an important message so early.

This book uses animals and shows how the jungle in a happier place when the animals use their manners and say please and thank you.

Lucian likes all of the colors and pictures in this one. Mom loves how he is learning about women who have made a big impact on the world.

This book introduces 11 branches of science and encourages exploration while providing information about each branch of science.

A few other of Brooks’ favorites include:

What are Stars? Brooks is loving the night sky right now, he is fascinated by the stars and the moon! This is awesome because it is an interactive book with flaps he can lift but also has so much information about stars. It shows constellations and discusses how the sun is a star and how all stars are different.

General Relativity for babies BJ loves getting books that teach Brooks math and science so we had to have this one when we saw it!

All About Sloths this is a really fun one, it is 2 books in 1 and has this nonfiction side and then a fictional story about sloths called Sloth Sees the World

We don’t have pictures with these but a few more of Lucian’s favorites:

Ordinary People Change the World We have Albert Einstein and Jackie Robinson. These are really good!! And will grow with him. When we read these, we only read a few pages each night.

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs? I found this book at the perfect time. Lu is definitely figuring out what is okay and what is not oaky for playing with our pup. He has a lot to learn from the dinosaurs!

And of course, we can’t do a post on books that teach a lesson without The World Needs More Purple People. We are working hard to raise some purple little boys that work hard, laugh, ask questions and use their voices!

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