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This week, we met with our support group to reflect on the past year of challenges and changes. It was such a good conversation! It feels really good to talk to other moms about tough times and hear their perspectives. At the end of the chat, a few people shared some resources they are enjoying, we thought we would pass them along!

Her Self Podcast: A mom shared that this podcast has helped her. It is two moms sharing on all kinds of topics. I am halfway through an episode and I think I will really enjoy it as well. It already seems refreshingly honest.

Self Love Workbook for Women: This is a workbook with prompts to get you thinking differently about self-love!

Yoga with Adriene: We have shared this before, but we talked this week in our chat about how helpful yoga can be. We even talked about how just switching up your routine by adding something like nightly yoga can be so helpful!

Nurture Vs Nurture: I am really enjoying this podcast. It is an opportunity each week to gain insight by sitting in on a counseling session with parents. Each week, it is a different family with different dynamics. I always learn something!

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