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Bikes! and a project from Chloe

Friday Favorites:

This week we are sharing our most recent, favorite Amazon Finds!

Jennie’s Recent Amazon Favorites:

These shoes are AMAZING! I wore them the first time to walk around NC Zoo so they were broken in very well! They are very comfortable and they are CUTE too! I liked them so much after that trip that I ordered 3 more pairs! I will be able to pair these with shorts or dresses! I LOVE when I find shoes that I can dress up or down.

We love this water table! It was an Easter gift for Brooks and it has quickly become one of the most requested and played with toys!

These two books are AWESOME! I have really enjoyed Intuitive Eating for Every Day and the Self-Love Workbook! I have learned a lot about listening to my body and showing myself more grace and love!

This kids apron, hat, and oven mitts are TOO CUTE! Brooks LOVES bread and the colors were too cute to pass up!

These pants are SO COMFY and they make a GREAT pair to wear out or as a bathing suit cover up! They are not shear which I was concerned about!

Chloe’s Recent Amazon Finds:

I am very into harem pants right now and I got these two cute pair on Amazon!

I have three pair of blue light glasses from Amazon. When I was working at a computer all day, I really felt like they helped with my headaches. This pair is my favorite but a little pricey for fake glasses. These are more inexpensive and still cute!

This duvet cover! We bought this for our guest bedroom and it is beautiful and so comfy. Everyone who has stayed has loved it! (They are sold out of our print, but this one is close.)

Confession, sometimes I wear a fake nose ring just to switch things up. 🙂 And these are the ones I love!

Speaking of switching up my look, my hair has been literally every color of the rainbow. Once COVID hit, I wanted an at-home way to switch up my hair. This dye is semi-permanent, cruelty free, easy on your hair and even changes my brunette hair without bleach! Oh, and it smells amazing! I have pink, purple and orange and LOVE IT!!

Everyone loves a good pair of leggings! My mom, my sister and I all have been buying these for years. They are so soft and not see through! For workout leggings, I love these and order them over and over!

Let us know what your favorite finds are!!

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