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I found a Lemonade that I REALLY LOVE! I am so picky about lemonade and LOVE when I am able to find one that I really like! It is Calypso Lemonade, I love the original but found they have a lot of other flavors and different drinks too!

These three posts shared on Facebook were really eye opening for me!

This one written by Jess Urlichs is AMAZING and captured a lot of what I have been really feeling lately! It is a note to husbands reminding them that this time is short lived and it won’t always be like this but as a family to take time to enjoy these moments because they are fleeting.

This from Lullabies for Parents about as parents being in this together, cheering each other on as we do the best we can through the mom & dad guilt. It is a great reminder that we aren’t perfect and if we can help our kids be secure in love, we can figure the rest out as we go and learn in this together!

This one posted by Mum Central and written by Daylight Dark all about the 2nd child captures a lot of my thoughts and feelings I have had during this pregnancy so far worrying about being able to love another the way I love Brooks and also Brooks understanding sharing Mom and Dad with another tiny human that will now be his sibling and wondering how this transition will go! While also being so excited about watching Brooks become a big brother and seeing him in this role as a sibling.

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