Games the Boys are Playing

Our boys are starting to really get into playing games and are enjoying it so much! Every game they play right now they are really loving, so we wanted to share some we have played with you!

Lucian is loving:

  • Beware of The Bear: This is the first game that we bought Lucian. I am a huge fan of games and wanted to start him early. We have been doing a game night a week (but it has turned into game day every day) and started with this one because it was simple and we wanted to introduce taking turns and following simple rules. He laughs so much when the bear pops out and thinks it is so silly when someone gets to take a piece from another player.
  • Cootie: This is a classic and again he loves it. If you have been around us recently, you have probably played a round of this!
  • Dinosaur Escape: This one is for 4+ but with a few modifications (which the game provides) Lucian learned it right away. He loves rescuing the dinos “before they get lava on their feet” and loves building the volcano as the game goes on. This game is cooperative which is neat, so you all win or lose together. Plus, it is dinosaurs.. Don’t tell Brooks, but Lu picked this as the “perfect gift” in his words. We bought ours at Target.
  • Picture Word Bingo: This one is neat because eventually it can be about matching the words, but for now we play with the pictures of course and it is so fun. With the number of times we have played this, Lucian is about ready for the Bingo hall! 🙂
  • Colorama: This game is really neat because you can change the way you play based on the age and level of the kids playing. Lucian likes it, but with all of the other fun themed games, it is the elast played with so far.
  • Scavenger Hunt: These are awesome! Lucian will ask for some cards when we get in the car a lot. There are 3 stacks so you can play at home, in the car or even in nature! These will be around our house for years!

Brooks is loving:

  • Uno: we got Uno cards in an Arby’s kid’s meal and it has been one of the most played with things he has ever gotten with a kid’s meal! He LOVES matching the colors or numbers. He also gets really excited when he gets to skip us 😆!
  • Who’s in the Wild: This is a really fun guessing game! Brooks loves guessing and describing the animals and getting us to guess!
  • BJ and I LOVED video games before kids and Brooks has really become interested too. He likes to play Mario Kart, Pokemon, Rocket League, and he recently just got Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay. These are with us either guiding him or playing with him!

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