Garden Picking Sensory Play

I LOVE gardening and watching my plants and vegetables grow! This is something I hope to include Brooks in every year, he helped me a good bit this year! I usually plant seeds and keep them inside until it is warm enough and they are big enough to transport outside. So he helped me plant the seeds, water them, and we got to watch them sprout together. Now that they are outside and producing vegetables he is seeing that part too and that we get to eat the vegetables after all the work we have put into the plants!

I have been wanting to create the pieces for a garden sensory bin for a while and decided it was time to do it! It has 10 different pieces (potato, carrot, yellow squash, tomato, strawberry, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, ladybug, and earth worm). I wanted to feature some of the vegetables we planted and some that we haven’t planted so he knows that there is more beyond just what we grow at home and of course had to add some critters in there too! 🪱 🐞

These are completely customizable and if you want to change out pieces we could definitely do that or even do a seasonal garden dig (I am thinking 🎃!). You can find these on our Etsy shop, here.

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