Gift Ideas for Moms and Dads

Ideas from Jennie:

  • For Dad: MiniMeis Carrier
  • For Mom: Tush Baby Hip Carrier
    • Any Personalized Gifts are always a GREAT option too! I got this ring last year with Brooks’ name and I LOVE it,
    • These Shutterfly blankets with pictures are AMAZING!
    • Kindermusik classes are one of the things I asked for money or gift certificates for, for Brooks and I to do together
  • For Both:
    • Qalo Rings: we are both active and prefer wearing our Qalos most of the time over our regular wedding bands:
    • Woodworking tools are another big thing we both requested!We LOVE experiences and things we can do as a family!Coffee gift cards are another big hit for both of us as we LOVE tp hit up the local coffee places! (and as mom and dad, we need it most days!)

Ideas from Chloe:

  • Lance and I don’t do Christmas gifts for each other anymore. We have not exchanged gifts for the last few years. But we do have a tradition that we started before we were married and LOVE! We go shopping together on Christmas Eve to fill each others’ stockings. We go to the same store, and shop separately, trying to avoid each other and not look in each others’ baskets. We mostly buy snacks, candy and such, but there are always some last minute goodies like slippers, socks a game etc. Then, I usually convince him to let us open stockings that night!
  • We like keeping Christmas simple, but I’m a big fan of homemade/sentimental gifts. If we were exchanging gifts this year, this is what I would likely be asking for (and maybe a BIG fluffy robe):
    • Deeply Seeded Jewelry: She makes jewelry using real wildflower seeds. She has some for new moms, moms with multiple children, women struggling with infertility and more. I love these!

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