Gift Ideas for Toddlers

We use the 4 gift idea to help us with gifts for our little ones. One gift they want, need, read, and wear.

Want: The boys are still a little young to tell us what they want. We have picked up on interest they have and are using that this year. Brooks loves music and reading so when we found the Toniebox we knew we had to get it for him. This will be a gift he can continue using for many years to come!

Tot Tube this can bring about so much fun all year round! Fall fun with acorns, winter fun with ornaments, cars, balls, etc.

Chloe and Lance are making Lucian a Play Kitchen to match theirs, pictures to come.


I hit up the local Kid2Kid consignment shop for a winter jacket and shoes in his current size and next size up.


Both boys are loving interactive books right now! See some of our favorites, here. So we will get some interactive books:

Sleepy Little Yoga

I Got the Rhythm

Press Here

We also got him a kids echo dot and glow to go with it, this comes with a year subscription to Amazon Kids+ which has so many books!


We got a couple of Fleece outfits for Brooks to wear when we are outdoors during the winter months and at Fit4Mom. And of course we had to have a cute outfit too!

We also sent a list of ideas to family as well:

  • Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
  • Water Table
  • Dust, Sweep, and Mop Set
  • Shopping Cart
  • Anything Little People
  • Go Go Smart Wheels
  • Experiences: $ or gift certificates for Kindermusik

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