Great Pictures at Home

We love taking pictures of our boys and wanted to share some tips on how we get some of our best pictures!

  1. Take A LOT of pictures. If you looked in our phones, you would see that every great photo has some less great photos right before and after it. If you take a lot of pictures at a time, you can go back in and pick the best one. Just be sure to delete the rest, so your memory doesn’t fill up even faster!
  2. Switch between Live and Portrait Mode. Portrait Mode often take beautiful pictures, but works best when your model is still and cooperative. Since we all know kids are not the best at being still and cooperative, we like to take some in each mode. With Live Photos, you can go back in and choose the best frame from the picture!
  3. Get down low. You will capture the moment much better if you get on the level with your little one instead of taking the picture from above.
  4. Rule of thirds. Google this for a great explanation. Knowing about this is sure to improve your photography skills!
  5. Don’t use zoom. On a phone, your picture quality will be better in you don’t zoom but get closer instead!
  6. Get the good light. It is easiest to get good lighting by going outside. If you can’t go outside, open your blinds/curtains and let the natural light in! Remember that light coming from in front will light your picture better.
  7. Hire a Photographer. We recommend you splurge on a photographer every so often, if you are able. It is worth it to spend some money for really great family photos! And, we have some recommendations if you are local! 

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